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Dude, that is just sic...

Amazing, Loving it...

your tuner is doing you well... and I love hearing how you ran away fro that Porsche all the way down the track...and I'm also liking that you got the MT's to a 1.6 60 ft... I should be able to hook also... Sure wish I had a cage now, see what mine will really do at chandler... i'll have to back out at the 1/8 mile until the very last pass, and then let them throw me out...

My next project, recent change, like just a minute ago, is for a cage, rather than paint work... less expensive, more needed and necessary, etc... I can paint it later...

I am ordering my driving gear today... Just found out the Simpson is in New Braunfels, the same town where Corey's shop is.. so, it's right down the road... Next, cage and harness, and then see where to go next...
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