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It is a shame that most shops do not do this. No one is asking to have it done for free. In a business shop it is really easy. Put it on a lift. Loosen the bolts. Drive around the shop lot and on to the alignment rack. Tighten the bolts and proceed with the alignment. It can't take an hour.

At home you can do it with boards. It is a little bit trickier to get to the bolts, but it is doable and it works.

(2) 2x12x48
(2) 2x12x36
(4) 2x12x12

You will be able to drive up in steps and the wheels will be evenly loaded. In the shop and at home we have these boards cover in truck bedliner. You can keep them clean and they don't slip. You can use 8 or 10" boards to cut costs, but you get the idea.

Timing the bushes is the difference between doing a half axxed job and doing it right.
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