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Originally Posted by Nitroman28 View Post
I have no idea, he gave me nothing. I changed to Toyo Proxes 4's All season would that matter?
Everything matters, but we are really shooting in the dark without actual alignment specs. Castor can cause a wander. Toe out can cause a high speed wander. The main issue we would have with an OE alignment is the 'green' range. The tolerance covers a wide range in an OE alignment. Tires can too. You can use Pedders, Hotchkis, Pfadt or even OE and they will all work IF the alignment is tight to the specifications. i.e. -.75 degrees negative front camber would mean exactly -.75 on both wheels and not -.25 on one and -1.1 on the other.

What I suggest you do is print off your alignment spec of choice for your 5th Gen and take it with you to the alignment shop. Tell them you want a Pedders spec alignment, a tight tolerance alignment, and want a before and after print out. Make it clear that you'll settle for nothing less and ask them what they will charge to do it this way. Getting a green range alignment takes the tech half or a third of the time. Doing it spot on dead nuts accurate will take longer. If it doesn't solve your problem then that would lead us to your tires. Sorting the too out starts with a really good alignment.
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