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Originally Posted by LightningSS View Post
Son of a b!!!

The nut is gone, but bolt undamaged it seems. The passenger side nut was loose, I could turn it with my fingers....
I've had that same thing happen. I just put it back on and torqued the $hit out of it. Happened twide actually, ON the bar like yours. I pit a different type of nut ont it and no more problems.

In my current case, I don't know what happened.

Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
wow are you guys serious?!
Pq, did the pfadts cause it or no? Not sure if you would know or not but im just trying to figure out whether I should do drop springs or not because of a poorly designed piece that will or may eventually fail
This is NOT a Pfadt issue. It just isn't. It's the stock end link, and the stock control arm. Sure, the beefier sway bar may be a contributing factor, but the lesson learned here is to buy the end links from your aftermarket bar vendor. Seems the weak link, was the end link.......

Of course, I'm guestimating....... I can't be certain what happened.

Originally Posted by MIQ View Post
I'll be installing my rear springs today and will inspect them. I only have 500 miles on it right now so I don't expect to see anything wrong. Or will I? :(
I've talked to enough of the right peole to verify this is NOT typical. I wouldn't worry. Just buy the end links too.

Originally Posted by hypurone View Post
I hate to say it, but in looking at the pics, I see rust around the mounting holes which usually indicates they were run "loose" and that will chew sh1t up real quick!
I think you are right. It may have loosened up and ovaled out the hole.

Originally Posted by PAUL SS View Post
Hey PQ, are your springs binding? I was looking at the first photo and noticed the ring of rust on the coils like the paint had been worn off by rubbing on each other. Just something you may want to consider. Good Luck.
That's normal. Nothing to worry about.

Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
PM sent for some more info from the original poster. This is the first failure at that bracket that we've seen, so I'm likely to say that this is a strange isolated incident.
I hope you are right. So the other picture from the other side is normal? With the split in the top?

And, how will this affect driveability exactly?
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