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Originally Posted by Avalnch View Post
Hey PQ, this sucks to see, but also very educational.

What setting did you have the rear bar set to (meaning which hole are the endlinks attached to)? I think the stronger rear bar coupled with your supercharger has caused the rear endlink brackets to fail the way they did. Too many hard launches and the weakest part of the whole rear endlink set up failed, which happens to be the control arm bracket. The other side is starting to crack too.

Might as well get a set of these:

You might want to email them to see if their replacement LCA has taken this into account.

Good Luck!
I saw those on the net while looking for some better ones. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. I'm trying to verify that I need both arms. The split in the other one might be already there.

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
I DEFINITELY do not think it is a Pfadt issue as well maybe just finding a weak link in the chain so to speak or may be the fact that since yours were loose at one time that may have been a contributing factor.

I tend to lean away from the Horsepower theory since alot of people have added alot of HP and this is the first issue that has come up.

Unfortunately it has happened to you PQ. but the good news is I am putting together a Resume' for you and you are a shoe in for your new job as "Product Tester" Once is gets the seal of approval from PQ it will be the industry Gold Standard.

I can see it now. PQ approved this product, or you think your products will stand up? Send it to through the PQ challenge.

I know I am making light of a not so funny situation but you have to admit you are having some of the craziest things happen. Fuze Pull , wheels, etc....

No doubt. If I can't tear it up, it can't be tore up. LMAO
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