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Some pics of Kaylee's front end disassembled.

Some of the headlights taken apart.

Needed to take a food break so I'll be finishing up the wiring later today/tomorrow.

Wiring Instructions: Dual Halos on a Single Switch

Wiring Instructions for AAC Halos (Single Color)

Things you Need:
  • (1) wire cutters/strippers
  • (1) wire coat hanger or straight wire rod
  • (1) LED rocker switch (or any switch, your preference)
  • (2) short lengths of black wire #2 and #3
  • (1) length of black wire, #1
  • (1) length of red wire
  • (2) yellow wire caps
  • (X) assorted t-taps/splice connectors

Installation Instructions:

1) First, congratulations on installing your halos. It is not an easy task.

2) We are going to start with the red (+) wires coming from each halo. You should have (2) red wires in your hand now, one from each fog light. Check the ends of these wires, if no copper is showing then you need to strip them. This can be done with a wire stripper, or any sharp knife. Once you can see the copper wire move onto the next step.

3) Now pick up the length of red wire from your kit and a yellow wire cap. You want to use the yellow wire cap that has a (+) drawn on it. Take hold of both red (+) wires from your halos (make sure that you have stripped them) and the red wire from the kit. Now twist them all into the yellow wire cap. Make sure it is nice and snug.

4) Take the length of red wire from the kit, now attached to the yellow wire cap, and run it to the positive post on the fuse box. This is the metal post near the front of the fuse box.

5) Put the ring terminal, marked with a (+) near this post. You will bolt it to the post at the end. You don’t want to fry yourself installing this wiring.

6) Take the two black (-) wires, one from each halo, and the black wire marked #1 in your hand.

7) Strip the two black wires coming from your halos if they have not been already.

8) Take the ends of the two black halo wires and the end of wire #1 and twist them into the (-) yellow wire cap. Make sure it is nice and snug.

9) You will need a stiff piece of metal for this next part. A wire coat hanger is best.

10) If you are using a wire coat hanger, please do the following steps.

a. Straighten the wire coat hanger.
b. Use wire cutters/hedge trimmers to cut roughly a one foot piece of straight coat hanger, we will call this piece “wire rod”
c. Using needle nose pliers make a small bend creating a small loop one end of the wire rod.
d. Continue to step 11

11) Looking in the engine bay, find a rubber gasket on the firewall that has wires going through it. These are very easy to locate, just trace some wires back to the firewall and that is it.

12) Using the black wire from step 8, put the spade terminal end (end with the blue plastic part on it) into the loop on the wire rod.

13) Using the other (non loop end) of the wire rod, push it through rubber gasket you found in step 11. It will take a bit of force but that is OK. You are not breaking anything, so don’t worry.

14) Once you have it about half way through the rubber gasket go inside the cabin of the car. Looking underneath the steering wheel, locate the part of the wire rod that is sticking through.

15) Pull the wire rod and wire number 1 through the firewall.

16) Remove the driver’s-side side panel for the center console. It is held in with clips, so just pull it will pop right off.

17) Looking at where the center console meets the dash you should see a bolt with a marker mark on it. That is your ground.

18) Unscrew the nut (13mm) and mount the ring terminals of wires #2 and #3 ring to this bolt. Rescrew the nut onto the bolt.

19) Now we will be mounting the switch. So first step, pick where you want to mount the switch. May I suggest the side of the center console (the side wall plastic panel.)

20) Using a 11/16 inch drill bit drill a hole in where you want to mount the switch.

21) Collect all 3 black wires. You should have a hold of (3) blue female connector terminals. These are labeled #1, #2, #3.

22) Looking at the switch, you will see that the spades are numbered #1, #2, #3.

23) Wire #1 goes to spade #1, wire #2 goes to spade #2, and wire #3 goes to spade #3.

24) Once all of the wires are connected push the switch into the hole. Be sure that you have it nice and straight.

25) Going back to the engine bay. Bolt the red (+) wires ring terminal to the positive post in front of the fuse box.

26) Your wiring circuit should now be complete. Go into the cabin and flip the switch. The LED on the switch should turn on, as well as your halos.
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