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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Mossman and I were talking about this. We were betting on a loose screw.
Uh huh... I see what you did there...

Originally Posted by themossman View Post
I told was that Cleatus bolt I fount in my pocket when I got home...
Wait... you mean I wasn't supposed to use the endlink and duct tape to hold the knuckle to the coilover???

Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
See? i told ya somebody was gonna covet *something* from Chris's car.. wasn't thinking part of the exhaust hanger, though. was more betting on one or two of them pretty coilover shocks...
Well I had to keep telling Moss, "no dude, those are the stock shocks... dude, stop trying to put the supercars in your trunk..."

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
You really shouldn't blame PQ. He wasn't even there.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
GTAHVIT -- Loose Screw
PQ -- Loose Nuts


Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Felix and Oscar of Camaro5.

Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
Hey Chris.. we are all waiting on your synopsis of how much the car's handling changed and what your butt dyno says. tried it out on any decent on/off ramps yet?
Originally Posted by zebra View Post
You know... I've really been struggling with this... I mean... today on the drive home was my first chance with the suspension tuned to really feel the improvement...

Traffic was pretty thick so I didn't really get to play much... but... I can tell you the first impressions are this is a completely different car...

When I took delivery of my Camaro the supercharger was on it... So I was learning how to control that much power as I learned the car's characteristics.... I can say I'm starting that process over from scratch... There is such a huge increase in stability and traction that it just breeds confidence..

Being a relative rookie when it comes to a suspension as sophisticated as what I purchased from Pedders... I still know, not guess, but know that the car can do more than I'm prepared to attempt at this point... I knew where the limits were on my car with stock suspension... I knew where to get out of it and when I could get into it.... Not to say I'm a race car driver... but I knew my car...

I don't know my car any more... but... I KNOW it's faster, more stable, more safe, more capable, less sketchy... I KNOW the limits of the car are vastly increased. I don't know where the limit is any more. But the confidence that the car is safe... is higher... if that makes sense.

Gah it's so hard to explain from a rookies perspective... Let me try this...

When I first got THR22 I was afraid of it. Ask Randy. I had never owned a car with any where near 500 RWHP. So I knew the car could get me into a real mess if I didn't respect it. I've also learned that is the nature of horse power.

OK, I say all that to say this....

Yes the suspension was expensive. But on the scale of performance improvement, it is as much as the supercharger was. But in a vastly different way. When I first got the car,being afraid of it, I drove it very moderately. The supercars, sways, and bushings, remove that, "damn this thing is gonna kill me" feeling and gives you that, "I've got this thing under complete control." confidence. Like I said, I know the car can do more than I am comfortable with.

Simple example. Getting on the freeway in 3rd gear was an exercise in throttle control. At any time in the cloverleaf on ramp I could break it loose with a simple blip of the throttle. NOW, I could jump on the gas in the middle of that same on ramp and simply accelerate.

Bottom line, the car is better, safer, more refined.... Complete...

I am more excited to learn how to drive the car now, than I was when I first picked up THR22 from Tom Henry...

Maybe I'll be able to better articulate it the more I learn how to utilize the new found performance increase...

Gees I just wrote the extended version of Lord of the Rings...
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