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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post

gees my wallet is still smoking... at least let me put the fire out that is burning all my money before you throw more fuel on it.

tell me about it...
as soon as i can get out of this hellhole that is the CO desert, i'm gonna be all over getting that blower/cam/exhaust strapped on.

i finally haz da moniez! (i think...)

i realize that means i gotta get a stronger clutch

...and bigger brakes

...which also means bigger wheels

...and therefore new tires

what have i done?!
ps - and then the car's still gotta get painted (the hood'll still be in primer til then) as well as, somewhere in there, powdercoating the brakes & wheels just to make them look right

pps - and, of course, suspension :(
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