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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Thanks Randy. Basically it all came from playing with the camera. I've had the camera for a little over a year now.

Always shoot with light coming from behind you (back to the sun)

Angle is just about walking around until you find something cool. Take a shot, if you don't like it, move and try another one

Exposure: 100-200 for outside sunny day. 400 dawn/dusk with some lighting. 800 for night shots. I never use a flash, so a tripod is necessary for night shots.

Ideas = spontaneously thinking of something. I never have a plan of any shot I want. I was driving by, and saw the giant puddle (hey, I wonder if I can get a natural reflection?). Picture idea.
Well. First thing I needa do is get a better camera. Ours are not the best. 400.00 cameras, but don't do what I want them to. Or they do, but I don't have the patience to learn.
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