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Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
where did you get this information?
so they were done in black chrome!
that meens the wheels were also dont in a black chrome on top of the polished style 21" wheel. i have been trying to figure what was done to those wheels for the last few weeks.
i would love to have the black chroime done to my car but i doubt it will be a dealer installed option. this is why its called the camaro black concept.
When you asked where did I get my information from, I'm figuring you meant what I said about GMPP doing the cars. I assumed they did to promote the add-on items like the ground effects, hetitage grill, blade spoiler, etc. Now that being said I assumed they actually did the work. Could be they sanctioned someone else to do the work. Regardless..I would still like to know WHO did the black interior parts that I mentioned and the wheels for the LS7.
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