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OK... my car is home. I wil post some pictures over the weekend of the result.

Right now I have a single code in the system..for the airbag, and that's it.. only the 1 code!

No One at GM will allow the airbag circuit to be disabled. Not that it matters now - there are NO airbags. I can live with it the way it is. It means I have the "service airbag" light on the dash cluster gauge when the car is started. It's not that big a deal for me, as I am used to having the "Service TPS? or it is TPM?" for the tire sensors. I can clear the service errors from the dash cluster after starting the car.

I have a new service light on the dash cluster - from the stabilitrak system. It is disabled. Not sure what we did to break that.. funny thing is we aren't getting any codes for it. My TC button is useless. does absolutely nothing. The service tech said the stabilitrak system is not talking to one of the other modules.
Good thing is I can break traction (smoke the tires) as it is.
We are going to fix stabilitrak some time in the future.

Onstar is disabled. had to keep the box in the car - the onstar box affects the fuel mgmt. I guess that is how Onstar shuts the car down - by trimming fuel. The tech shut off the VCIM from the SDM module to the onstar box, removed the battery backup for Onstar box, and disabled the GPS.

So, when I start the car, I need to clear a few messages with the reset button, which I have been doing anyway, due to the TPMS sensors for the Tires.
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