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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Quit looking at the clock

If you did drop springs, might need to time the bushings, some have complained of a 'bouncy' feel after dropping it.
There really isn't much else to look at out here... I say that and then remember the sun rise we had this morning... Wow...

Care to explain to me the "timing" of the bushings. I've never heard of it...

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Yep. Well, with my drop springs, it's usually pretty tight and will stick to the ground. But every once in a while, I'll hit a bump and that back end bounces up and down a few times. I REALLY only noticed it once. The ride is a lot tighter with those drop springs, though.
My ride was substantially tighter after installing the Eibachs...

Originally Posted by Orange Krate View Post
With those two big turbos and the mellow sound coming out the back I think you are going to be pleasantly shocked Robert when you throw the go go juice at Brandi. She is gonna light up like a Christmas tree. I bet the fuel economy won't be too bad either...if you can keep your foot out of it. But...with that thing spooling up it is going to be tempting at every light. Have a safe trip home...your baby awaits. BTW... great teaser video. Cant wait to see her on the dyno.

My old fire truck I drove for sooo many years lit up like a christmas tree, lights and all, just didn't do anything very quickly... It's already rumored that when I make my Friday night sojurn to San Antonio, they will be able to hear me coming through San Marcos, which is 35 to 70 miles from the meet site depending on where we are meeting on a particular night...and if I am traveling with Kyle, (700+ HP Procharged LSx)OMG, they will be able to hear us in Dallas...since that is behind us and we are pointing the tail pipes that way...

Originally Posted by ask4yah View Post
Brandi and speedster are my 2 favorite Journal threads. Very enjoyable.
Wow, Brandi isn't in the same league with The Speedster Beast, but I sure am flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence...

Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Just a few more days!!!
#&@#$%^$&&@$^@... 8.75 working days left as of the typing of this response... but thanks for the help... I keep trying to remember it isn't too far off in the grand scheme of things....
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