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I was just trollin' round the site and came across this thread. With no intentions on spending hours reading one thread, I just couldnt stop. But 400+ post later, here I am.
Im soooo excited for you Robert. The car is awesome. Great build and sounds like a great builder.
So, after being completly hooked on the thread I get to the "shipped the wrong motor" post. My heart freakin' sank!!! I was devastated. And it aint even my car! Heck, I dont even know the owner,lol. But then, alas, all turned out well.
So here I am all caught up with this awesome build thread and dying to see some dyno results.
You seem to be "good people" (lol) and Im so happy for you.
It would be great to see you and your car in person at C5FII. I'll be in Phoenix but our plane doesnt arrive until late Sat. evening. This trip was planned beforeI knew about C5 and any kind of Fest or it would have been planned differently. I may, however, consider trying to make the trophy presentations Sat. night. Atleast then I would be able to say I was there.
Just realized, 500+ post...geeesh
Good luck to you in all you do. I'll be following this thread to its end.

Oh and btw, I was able to visit San Antonio for my first time last year. My wife and I stayed on the river walk. Its a beautiful city and we cant wait to get back there some day.
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