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After researching and searching about seats in 1SS, I am still a bit confused, maybe. The 1SS, the second from top of the line, does not come in leather? I have never heard of that before. The booklet says 2SS gets "Leather-appointed front seat trim with SS embroidery".

The "seat trim" is throwing me. Its makes it sound like it has extra leather.

All I want it leather and nothing more. 3000.00 for leather is hard to swallow.

PS. I know the 2SS has more than leather, but its all usless to me. I don't need all those gadgets in a muscle car. That stuff is for those fat a$$ soccer moms in their tahoe's, suburbans, and escalades.

Looks like I have to give up the ground effects for 2SS to get leather. Can I get ground effects later as dealer add on?
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