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This really is a bad deal on multiple fronts.

First, it has affected the delivery of many automobiles, including mine. It is very frustrating but it will all work out and my car will show up soon.

There are dealers and manufacturers that stand to lose a bunch of money. All of this because a trucking company has apparently managed itself to the brink of implosion over fuel prices and who knows how many bad decisions. Last I checked, fuel prices have been very high for a couple years.

I'm not a union guy but at the end of the day companies agree to union contracts so I really do not feel that bad for them. You reap what you sow. Unions need to learn to be more flexible and cooperative and companies just plain need to be smarter. ALL of this was avoidable.

We are no longer in the "good old days" of business. Times are tough. Smarten up!
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