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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Nice vid! You were scaring me with the flaming rubber fire vid
Be afraid....... Be very afraid. lol

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
It is so awesome that you guys have the kids helping. My son, 10 at the time, helped my put the SW exhaust on the SST the first week it was here. Kids have such a blast doing it. After that, we were driving down the road and one of his friends waved us down. Took him for a ride and my son said "yeah, check out this new exhaust I helped put on Dad's car - it's a lot louder..." And his buddy said "that is cool that you did that with your Dad." Makes you feel good they can be a part of it.
It's a lot louder............... Kid knows how to rekunize...

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I wish my husband would be interested in helping me work on my car. A spare pair of hands can be very helpful at times.
Don't hear that every day..... lol

Originally Posted by RJT-Maro View Post
Cool story. And yeah they come in handy sometimes An added bonus is my son researches all these DIY's and other instructions that will help me out, and he always tells me we need to do the mods ourselves because this is what he wants to do the rest of his life, work on cars. It's good bonding when we both love what we are doing.
My son didn't like it at all. But I didn't when I was his age either, and look at me now.
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