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Originally Posted by jeff4946 View Post
And they are responsible for keeping wages in this country high,
The artificially high wages are a huge part of the problem in this country. This country was built on the premise of capitalism, and the free market economy. When you have artificial means such as unions keeping wages high for one business, it cannot compete against others which do not have such costs to deal with. If you have an entire economy in which you have a high degree of this practice, then that economy as a whole becomes less competitive against other global economies. Businesses are choosing to locate elsewhere to avoid this situation. Why do you think GM is building fewer and fewer cars in the US? Because it costs them too much to build them here.

Sorry, but I'm not thanking you. In my view, unions were desperately needed in the past. But not anymore. The government has established laws which prevent unfair treatment of workers. Things like a 20% pay cut are not covered by those laws of course. That's just a part of life sometimes.
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