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Originally Posted by jeff4946 View Post
Don't worry. When the unions die. You'll be paid squat, and maybe you could hop the border, and grab one of those good paying Mexican jobs... artificially high? I'm not artificially grtting paid. And if you think you can keep up on my 12 hour shift... come try! Unions also make for safe work places also. Funny, I bet half the people in these forums are paid well enough to buy a CAMARO, because of the sweat of union workers, because if it wasn't for us, there would be no competition because everyone would be paid like a third world country. And there would be OSHA, and children would work for pennies. But you drive a 40k car made by union workers, who maybe barely afford the products they make. Lazy bastards, right?
I work for a software company. We don't have unions and we don't need them. If I feel like I'm not being treated well, I can leave my company and find another, or start one of my own. If the economy gets tight, I may get laid off or have my pay cut (been there), but I don't rely on anything except my own capabilities to get me another job. I work on a salary but work anywhere from 10 to 14 hours a day 5 days a week, and often work on weekends too. I also work with a team in India so I have to work late at night for no extra pay, but I already get paid fairly and it's part of my job description, so I don't complain. Don't act like you work harder than me when you don't know me from Adam.

Have you taken a college-level economics course? I don't think you understood the point of my post. I was not saying you were "artificially getting paid." I'm saying that unions cause wages to be higher than supply and demand would set them, and that is not good for the business involved nor the economy as a whole. And then you go on to say that without unions there would be no competition.
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