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Arrow OrangeVert!

Hello! Welcome Camaro5 members and guests to OrangeVert's thread!

S/he will be built by the incredibly talented and hard working team in Oshawa. Having worked for GM many years ago (story to follow), I appreciate the efforts made by everyone who works to design and build these beautiful machines. To all Oshawa GM employees - thank you!!! You've hit a grand slam home run with the gen5 Camaro, and really made so many others and me happy! And to the hard working people who host Camaro5 - you're awesome!!

OrangeVert will be a 2SS/RS totally stock beast. And she'll stay that way as a tribute to her designers and creators. Others may mod theirs, and that's great too!

One of the main goals here is to help inform anyone who may be considering a gen5 Camaro. Another is to highlight the good people who help make such a phenomenal car and ownership experience possible!
Now a few rules for this blog:
1. As a reminder, all rules of the Camaro5 forum apply.
2. Please respect other's property and opinions.
3. Please give others the benefit of any doubt.
4. If you don't know something, but would like to, there is no such thing as a stupid question. (Please ask - I teach for a living!)
5. Have fun while you're here!
And I promise to post after my baby is delivered, and beyond!

----- the start 15-Mar-11 -----

The idea of getting a gen5 Camaro came about after my wife and I saw the "Slow Down Your Neighbors" episode of Modern Family on 9-Mar (gray 1SS or 2SS). I had seen some gen5's for rent at Hertz, but the interiors were not bold enough for me. On Friday night 11-Mar, I thought "maybe they started making a convertible?" I've got to check that out. Went to the Chevy site and sure enough, there s/he was. I could not believe that I could actually buy a new convertible SS Camaro - the car of legends! So after Googling "Camaro forum" (joined Camaro5 Sunday night 13-Mar), and once I saw Inferno Orange Metallic at the dealer on Saturday, was hooked. It was just a matter of how I was going to do it at the least cost. Still it would be about $43,000. USD +/- . But I've been told that you often get what you pay for!

I also test drove a 2SS/RS hardtop that day, and decided to contact Becky Doyle from Rodgers Chevrolet in Woodhaven, MI for a "second opinion." The next week, after some helpful advice from members here at Camaro5 (thanks guys!), I gave Becky a call to discuss ordering (thanks to Becky who rocks!).

----- the order 30-Mar-11 -----

Becky took my credit card deposit over the phone, and the next day sent me an order number just as she promised! Never in my days as a Pontiac parts delivery driver in 1981 did I ever think I would be buying a new GM car, let alone be able to track its being built! This is way too cool. My order status as of today is 1100.

Flashback: When I worked for Puritan Pontiac (now gone) in Hyannis on Cape Cod in 1981, Donna who I worked with in Parts, and her husband John, had a black '69 Z28 Camaro that they raced. Donna was awesome - taught me my job, knew parts inside and out - one amazing lady!! Unfortunately she died 10 years later in her early 40's from cancer. From that I learned that life is too short, and we need to have fun. But not too much fun!OrangeVert will be just the right amount.

----- courtesy delivery planning March 31, 2011 -----

Many thanks to the forum administrator for changing my member name to OrangeVert!

Talked with Becky today who called me and said two local dealers had agreed to handle the courtesy delivery. The prices for delivery, prep, and title were both around $400, so I went with with the closer dealer. had also had a positive comment about them from another forum member. although NH has no sales tax, they do have an annual state "fee" which I'm estimating to be about $800 for the first year (18 mills).

It's supposed to *snow* tonight 3/31 and tomorrow 4/1, so don't mind waiting longer for the car. But when it gets warmer I'll wish it were here already! Looking forward to GM assigning a Target Production Week (TPW).

----- waiting for status update April 12, 2011 -----

Checking and hoping that I will have moved off of 2000 status tomorrow. It will be great to have a targeted production week (TPW)! Of course now I have to start making plans to enlarge our driveway so I can park OrangeVert in our garage. It was 81.7 degrees here in southern New Hampshire yesterday, looking forward to a great summer!

More to follow ...

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