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Originally Posted by SUX2BU View Post
Handling in this care is AWESOME. Now, I have only had the car for less than two weeks, so i didn't have much driving experience riding around with the stock suspension, but when i first drove it after all the suspension swap the first thing i though was this thing handles like a Z06! The ride quality is still pretty darn good! It is obviously a little more bouncy, like with any lowered car, but not as bad as i expected. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone should the the 1.4" drop; this is definitely not for everyone. I would say 25% of people would be happy with stock ride height, 50% would be happy with 1"-1.25" and 25"5 would like this set up. If you have a lot of horrible streets then DO NOT get this kit. I honestly think this puts the car exactly where it should be. ever since i first got this car I felt it sat a little to high for a sports car. Now it feels perfect FOR ME.

I wasn't sure about this kit when i bought it, so i also bought the BMR 1.0" drop kit in case I didn't like these. Needless to say I have a brand new set of, still sealed in the box springs for sale.
Would like lower than 1" preferrably but shoot me a PM on a price for it and just may be interested!
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