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So here is a neat little SST dyno video for you.

The pulls in this video are all back-to-back done in the wee hours of the morning. Heck we even blew the intercooler off at the 4:40 mark !! ...and the cabinet door flew open at 3:25...ha, ha.

Made 1450 HP at 28 psi. We felt it would be smart to cut the pull at 6,000 - I was a little nervous about blowing the 4 bolt heads off before C5FestII. Will put on the 6 bolt heads after we put in the electronic controller but that won't be until after the fest since the intake base has to be modified. Tom had asked me a long time ago, but I dragged my feet. A little busy at the office.

I will tell you - I am very happy with the results so far. The amount of R&D we did on this whole project has been really cool. Learned a ton. Still think we will hit the goal of full streetability and 20+ mpg too...

Edit: I forgot one other little detail. You will note that even though it was setup on the dyno so that the piping would work, the ATW intercooler didn't actually have any water going through it on these pulls. Happy April Fool's day...

Also, if you watch after the credits, there is a 10 second clip that the SST does actually

So without further ado:


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