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Originally Posted by ravensjeff View Post
I've had Sirius Radio since it started, and paid a one time fee of $499--and never have no payments. A lifetime subscription. But it's currently on a "Sportster" radio head unit.

I wonder if Sirius makes a portable radio unit, that would operate thru the USB port on to the Camaro's radio?

I'm not gonna install another antenna just to get Sirius in the car. While I haven't looked in to it lately, it used to be that I could transfer my lifetime subscription to another Sirius radio.
I'm in the exact same boat.

Lifetime subscription on a Starmate dash unit.

I want to transfer this to either a portable unit or to my XM account in my Camaro. I really don't know what the best option is....

I guess ideally I'd like to swap "brains" in my car stereo and then transfer my lifetime to the new brain..... I wonder if that's an option?
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