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Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
Bunny...this is partially your fault.

Do you remember this post?

Which led to this post?

As this build has gotten bigger and bigger I've known that at some point I'd need to do something with the engine. I'm now pushing what we think is a little over 700 RWHP (dyno pull this Tuesday night). The stock motor has held up fine so far, but I drive this car every day so it's really just a matter of time.

I wasn't out there looking to buy an LSX immediately, but when my friend PoleCat posted up I decided to send her a PM. She'd bought the LSX, and then before installing it decided to go with some crazy alcohol dragster build.

She made me a great deal on the block so I jumped on it. Thanks PoleCat!

Obviously this is just the first part of the puzzle, but eventually the LSX is going in. Not sure on the time frame but I'll keep you posted.
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