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Originally Posted by ravensjeff View Post
Is it normal to add the cost of the 21" wheel option in to the price of the car? Vs listing it as an accessory? Maybe they don't want you to know the rims were $4600!!!

What took you so long to order?
No I don't beleive it is normal due to it being considered a dealer installed option. They probably do it because a lot of financing banks will only finance what is on the Moreno Sticker. (window sticker) they are very up front with the price of the 21"rs. At least my dealer was. I'll sell the stock rs rims.

I waited so long because I was going to wait til Jan. for my wifes Lexus was paid off but I'm so far ahead of hers I decided to get in early in case the off chance of premium pricing or GM instability would possibly keep me from this car. It will only add three months and a little interest to my wifes car.
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