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Yep, that is my situation, i will have to buy it myself. Just got off the phone with the area GM rep and he would not listen to me. However, he told me that the dealer told him that they could not reproduce the reported issue. Funny, the dealer never told me that. No where in their documetation does it state that either. They told me that they were going to do an upgrade of the software to see if this fixed the problem. However, when they realized I already had the latest software, they closed the book on my case and said there was nothing more to do. So, two stories, same result, broken PDIM in my car.

I just went back and looked at some documentation that they gave me. It is for #PI0055 Radio display may be missing data when using USB-NOISE,.... Dated March 5, 2010. It clearly states not to replace the PDIM in my car. No wonder, a document that is over a year old and 2 new PDIM hardware versions have come out since. Guess I am SOL...
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