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Originally Posted by OrangeVert View Post
So my wife Geri (who LOVES Camaros! She even said she will come to RICOA with me!! Yes, I married the right one!) can't stand the wait either, we just HAD to go see, touch, smell, etc. today. We were two "rainy day fairies" out looking at cars, the dealership was EMPTY - zero customers! Here's Geri along with two black LT/RS beauties.

Three beautiful ladies, all in a row! And here I am, next to one of the LTs. Not as beautiful, but hey I'm a guy. It was a cold & wet New England day (brrrr!) And tonight I went to the Chevy build page to preview O.V.'s looks. What do you think? Stay tuned: TPW to be assigned (hopefully) next week!
- O.V.
What do we think? FRIGGIN AWESOME! You get the best of all worlds! A woman who supports your new found addiction, who is a friend, that isn't jealous of your other "lady". And you picked the BEST color to go topless in! It's all good. Once the TPW is assigned you are going to go nutz waiting for the final countdown and delivery. Once it is off the line and you know it is ready to be shipped it gets nerve racking! My nails were gone and have barely grown back after biting them off to the second knuckle in anticipation.

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