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Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
Looks like he just didn't finish the order. This is the printout that he had me go over and verify. Maybe he submitted it later. I'll have to call him. It was pretty slow at the dealer. Most of the salesman verified that I was only the 2nd person to order a Camaro. Not counting the one that one of the people at the dealer ordered. I'll have to call him. It won't kill me to wait but I definately will be calling to see what is up. I thought they had this all covered. I remember him saying something about submiting things on certain days of the week, maybe this is what he meant. Guess I'll become one of the pain in the ass pre-order guys bugging the hell out of their dealers.

Halalooya, I fixed the address thing.

Guess I can sleep tonight now.
This is correct, your dealer will then need to put into the system. This is a prelim order sheet. This information then get put into the main system. My dealer gave me one of these as well, but it was going to take an hour to get on the system, because others were using it. Two hours later, he fax'd me the GM OrderWORKBENCH that the other member had put on this thread.

Question??? On my OrderWORKBENCH is says "Priority 1." Does this mean I'm the first in my dealers allocation?
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