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Originally Posted by VJCamaro View Post
This is correct, your dealer will then need to put into the system. This is a prelim order sheet. This information then get put into the main system. My dealer gave me one of these as well, but it was going to take an hour to get on the system, because others were using it. Two hours later, he fax'd me the GM OrderWORKBENCH that the other member had put on this thread.

Question??? On my OrderWORKBENCH is says "Priority 1." Does this mean I'm the first in my dealers allocation?
It should but don't bet on it. If it were me, I would put a different sequential priority number to each person as they ordered but there are dealers here whom we've seen put every order at P#1 (which is system default) and then change the numbers as allocation was received. You should have already confirmed with your dealer before you ordered what position in line you were in. My .02
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