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Originally Posted by skittleoncrack View Post
I'm seriously thinking of putting nitrous on my 2010 SS (m6/ls3) but I'm curious as to how much I should be spraying. what supportin modifications i might need and how I'm supposed to tune it.
I have CAI and minor exhaust work. I also know that the LS7 fuel injectors that I have stock should be able to handle a decent load.
I'm good at tuning with a DST (DiabloSport Trinity) but I'm used to tuning turbo'ed applications. Never turned for nitrous before. I assume I will need to move on to another tuning system..

So I did go ahead and order the nitrous kit. I ordered a NX wet/plate system and the upgrade package.. I'm jetted for 150-shot and tuned with 5.5degrees of timing pulled and AFRs set. I have to say nitrous is the best bang for the buck. My entire kit with upgrades and wideband O2 only cost around $1,500... which beats the hell out of any turbo or supercharger kit.

The car takes the 150-shot great. (Though I think it would be better if I removed the converters out of my exhaust)

For the person that ask about where everyone is mounting switches.. I mounted both arming switches (master arm and bottle warmer) as well as the purge button along the side of the center console. (Yes this did require drilling).. works great for me.. I launch 1st gear then right after I grab second gear i reach down and flip the master arm back on.. car has a few traction issues with the nitrous.. hopefully this set of NT05Rs I just ordered will fix this.
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