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I think everyone here is saying the same thing.

It depends on you.

I, for example, like the direct relationship I have with my engine with a manual transmission. I determine how much power gets to my wheels, I determine when I shift, where my powerband is, and where I sit in it. I determine when I gear down, and thus I brake less and (potentially) save money.

However... all that stuff that I listed that I like about driving with a manual transmission some people HATE! They HATE having to worry about feathering the clutch, or remembering to shift, or having to downshift.

The truth is that you won't really know which option you want until you've learned to drive... and then learned stick. I strongly suggest you learn on an automatic (less things to think about) and then learn to drive stick, at least a little, before buying a brand new car with a manual... that's the only way to ensure you make the right choice for you.
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