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Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
Sounds awesome. Nice plate btw!
Thanks, I have the "SUX2BU" plate on my truck also.

Originally Posted by 9onelove23 View Post
Did you have to put a few dings in the headers for the steering shaft? I'm gonna order me some soon cant wait
It was real close, so i decided to ding them just to be safe.

Originally Posted by mikeSS View Post
idk i feel like it was missing some rubble when you revved it.
Yeah, it is a bit more refined than I would like when I rev it. I actually thought with it being an off road x pipe and the tiny mufflers it would be a lot louder. Which is actually a good thing, I suppose, I feel like I want it louder right now, but after the novelty of new exhaust wears off I think this will be the perfect loudness and sound.

Originally Posted by goval View Post
Thanks for the link. Man, I've been listening to some of these exhaust systems and so far this set-up is the best. I love the way it sounds from the interior clip! I was leaning towards the Borla S Type but it sounds like this system is a true system; you can rly feel the engine; THAT'S WHAT I WANT!! The price is awesome too. Hmm... I might have to think about this... How's the cab drone?
I LOVE the way it sounds and feels now. You put it perfectly in saying that you can feel the motor now. It was way too quiet in stock form and having not driven a stick in over 5 years and it was a little tough to drive since you can't hear the motor little own feel it. I honestly feel that this is the way it should come from the factory. There is a little cab drone if you lug the motor under 2 grand. It's not bad at all. The only thing I was worried about was rasp. I HATE exhaust rasp and this system has none. I can live with a little exhaust drone for how affordable this COMPLETE system is, hell it cost less than most cat back only systems.
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