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Some info I found about this Gen V.
all-new approach to variable valve timing in an overhead valve (pushrod) engine that would allow cam phasing of both the intake and exhaust valves, like a dual overhead cam V-8. In GM's current 5.3-liter small-block OHV V-8, cam phasing is limited to just the intake valves because of its cam-in-block architecture. The new method could use so-called "cam-in-cam" timing (Like the Dodge Viper).
the next generation small block engine family will have unprecedented fuel efficiency through direct injection and an all-new advanced combustion system design. The new engine family will rely exclusively on aluminum engine blocks, which are lighter and contribute to the improved fuel efficiency. In addition to being E85 ethanol capable, these engines are being designed with the capability to meet increasingly stringent criteria emissions standards expected throughout this decade."
the Gen V block will have the camshaft positioned higher in the block, a raised cam. A higher position cam in the block alllows greater flexibility in pushrod positioning and because the pushrods are shorter the are stiffer. "the chevy NASCAR engine the R-07 has already done this"
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