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Did the front camera today, mounted it behind the bumper crush plastic. Had to move it back from the position in the first picture. (Only seeing 2 of the grill slots on the LCD) Now it is mounted back two inches, where the 3 ridges on the crush plastic are. The LCD now displays 4 grill slots, plus I can see the yellow plastic under the lower grill. V6 lower grille only has 2 rows of slots, and tilt towards the back of the car. Not sure what the camera would see out of a v8 grill, since it is more vertical. Now have to finish up the switcher. (Probably after C5Fest)


Apr 10, 2011
Took a couple of more pictures now that the sun is up. You would not think the camera would see anything sitting behind the vertical post of the grill, but thanks to the fisheye lens, can see the blue piece of plastic on the ground quite well. May help to keep crap off the camera lens also.

Picture of new openig for nose camera. Patched first opening, will sand and paint at a later date.

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