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Originally Posted by Ryder11 View Post
just asking cuz im planning on doin this soon, just trying to get a plan down
Sorry, didn't mean to sound like an ass on that last response, It just came out that way.

My tips are:
Get 4 cans of plasti dip. Towards the end of the can it starts to sputter and throw out globs that can mess with the finished product. So stop using it when you notice it starts to sputter or maybe try turning it upsind down and spraying to clear the nozzle (I didn't do this, but I think it might have helped).

I cut out a 21.5" template to not get a lot of over spray on the tires(see pic bellow), since the blue painters tape would not stick to the tire AT ALL. In hind sight, I would make that a 22" cut out. Since I had to go back and touch op the edge of the wheel in a few spots.

Also, I would re install the wheels IMMEDIATELY after your last coat. Just be VERY careful. This will prevent the plasti dip from being ripped out when you go to torque down the lugs since it is still wet. Two of my lugs ripped out the plasti dip about 1/4" out from the seat, not a big deal since you can't see it unless you are on all fours. I'll probably just touch it up later.
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