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If the valve angle is decrease a little more from the LS7's 12 degrees (say 8 degrees) and the valves are kept very close to the LS7's 2.20/1.60 valve diameter, the airflow could see increases around 20%. The LS7's heads were at least a 25% increase over the old LS2 (15 degrees) and the LS3 received similar increases. Some cam involvement contributed to those gains, the old LS2 had a .525 lift for example where the LS7 has a huge .591 on both the intake and exhaust. With VVT or Cam in cam phasing, the oil capacity will be no less than 8 quarts. I expect the compression to be high, 11:1 to assist with emissions. I will keep searching the internet for anymore information but information is very limited and should remain that way until we get closer to the C7. I got extremely lucking finding the information and pictures as is... and I have been looking for almost 12 months.
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