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Great write up, it will sure help C5 members save money doing it themselves.

The only thing i wanted to clarify for other members new to DIY brake work is the 'turning' of the rotors. I know you stated you sometimes have them turned to remove old brake pad residue. My suggestion for getting the rotors turned is to level out the grooves the old pads made. This fresh turned rotor is now completely flat which allows the new brake pads to "bed" properly to the flat surface of the rotors which is important in getting the best performance & life out of your brakes.

Just my thoughts, it's only two more bolts to remove the caliper, along with the torx that hold each rotor on....dont stop short go the rest of the way and get them rotors turned!

I have NAPA and oriely's auto who can turn rotors, It's around $5 per rotor
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