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Your opinion on Air Suspension is not uncommon, but, unfortunately, outdated. Air Lift in particular has gone out and proven the performance capability of this type of suspension when properly engineered and tuned. Weight gain is minimal, usually around 25# (check the weight of those big wheels or stereo systems..). Leaks are almost non-existent with proper installation and "pinholes" in the bags are not something I have ever seen after working on these systems for 10 years.

Please read the links below starting with the first where our very first prototype build competed in the Silver State Challenge at an average speed of 150mph!! Not to mention driving from Michigan to Nevada and back again to compete.

And this week we will be at Camaro5fest giving track rides to people in a 600hp supercharged car with our Performance Air Suspension.

Not trying to dig on you, just trying to educate as many people as possible on the real benefits and flexibility that air suspension can have when properly done.

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Ok air suspension is not ghetto, maybe on hoopty cars ie... 80's Monte Carlos, Impala's, etc.. etc. Air suspension is used in many variety of vehicles despite the ignorant assumption that they are used on "ghetto" vehicles. Actually semi trucks and tractor trailers use air suspension, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz are just another few. They aren't hydraulics... which offer no ride quality. Pro's? Anyone who isn't ignorant about air suspension and did research know what they are. Con's? Well I'd have to add to that list. To include cost and availability. You also have possibilities of your bags leaking, getting pin holes in them. Not too mention for all you racers out there, the added amount of wieght especially for the air tank and compressor. Also there is a wait time when you start up your vehicle for air pressure to build up in your tank to fill your bags. So if you want to ride around town comfortably just on a cruise and have the money to spend then sure.... get air suspension. But if you want to take your vehicle to the track and use it for what it was made to be then... go with coilovers. You know what would be sweet?? If they made coilovers that were electronically height adjustable. That would eliminate airbags all together. There would be absolutely no use for them. You'd have all the pro's that airbags give you with none of their con's! Maybe the engineers reading this thread should get on top of that. You'd almost have a monopoly on the suspension market.
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