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Originally Posted by 10spokess View Post
Man I love your reviews lol. Those are sick paddles, you thinking about upgrading the rim's any time soon?
lol, really? Thanks a lot lol.

Right now, Im budgeting for new wheels and tires. If there is some awesome deal, I'd get them this summer. Otherwise, they were my plans for 2012 lol. I spent over $10,000 just modding last year alone... and that was scaring me a bit. So I'm pacing myself out lol.

Preferably, I have 3 big mod sections I want to accomplish by the next 3 years. Next year, wheels and tires, the year after that, Full suspension, and the year after that, possibly twin turbo, or other forced induction options.

Eitherway, nothing is set in stone, but for sure big things will happen >=D
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