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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Get this, the Camaro will have to run at 150 mph for one hour as part of their "standards", as I guess you could call them. The LS1 was run at redline for 24 hours. That's reliability for you!
That is crazy! Although I can say from experience that there is a reason for that. When a friend and I had rented a little Opel 4-banger diesel and drove from Normandy to Paris we were getting passed on the "interstate" (or whatever they call it) at twice our speed.... and we literally had the thing floored the whole way! Although I can't see how they can afford it.... when we were there 4 years ago now, the gas prices were around 2 euro a litre.... and that was 4 years ago (and we Americans think we have it bad).
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