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Thanks Scotty, You know, I thought about cancelling, ONLY TO RE-ORDER
when it was rite, and get hud, and probably alot of other goodies in a year
or so. I dont haft to be the FIRST on the block to have one(like ALOT of you)

But with the economy and govt. Whose to say this car will be here in a year
or so( especially with the 426 ponies),so with that said, I will go ahead and
take it now. I mean surelly GM wouldnt release a car if it did'nt look rite?

btw, I have not seen 1 person say they would cancel altogether over ABL.
(Felt a need to say this 1 more time!)

O yeh, cancelling altogeter means , not re-ordering later, being done with,
finished, no more maro. just thought I better mention that.
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