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Originally Posted by nukemustang View Post
Sir, shipping question for you from the poor souls in Hawaii. Is there any reason that the shipping for something like this should cost 74 dollars? I know that the "handling" portion can be a large part, but when it will cost me 11 dollars more for shipping than the parts, I get really depressed and I am glad that I am transferring back to the mainland in a few months.

I have fallen in love with flat rate boxes living out here and I figure that this switch and harness would fit at best in a medium box which is all of like 10 bucks to ship and it goes USPS priority automatically, so it would be cheap but fast shipping.

Any ideas? There are quite a few things on my list to upgrade my 1SS with parts of the C&C package (Steering wheel controls, PDIM mostly) that would surely fit in one of those boxes.

The website does not calculate HI shipping please email me your list along with you address and I will see what I can do
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