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Originally Posted by LDGn63 View Post
i've always thought the dash lights might be a little distracting, but i'm not sure it will look good only on the doors.... i'm sure GM wouldnt let it look stupid just to check the ABL box.
It is easy to picture how only having the doors lit up would look like since the molding for the car and the panels are staying the same clear plastic we've seen (with only a month till production can it change to anything else?).. And I think most people will simply turn or dim ABL on the doors down to nothing since it won't be anything special if its not across the dash as well).. It would be better if the lighting was not in the panels on the door but perhaps behind the door handle or door compartment (somewhere useful) but to have the panels lit up blue and the rest of the dash panels remain the clear plastic with blue behind it (or worse a flat painted blue or orange) makes no sense. With less than a month before production starts, we all need to see pictures of what ABL will look like in the Camaro to have piece of mind for those who ordered a 2SS.. The cloth on the 1SS that matches the two tone colors on the seats looks good in grey and beige. However I wonder how it will look on the 2SS now (to clarify I mean the texture or look of the panels)
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