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Originally Posted by 1_2Many View Post
Well, it's nice to hear and everything, but we are going to need new interior pictures here. Our cars will be here soon and it would sure be nice to know what we are buying.

Let's see this "doors only" lighting GM. If you are afraid to show us then I'm afraid of what else you're hiding. I've been itching to buy GM stock, but with shady things like this happening I'm reluctant...not a sign of strength by any means.
If they show us before March 15, then all is good since we all will be able to change our orders if they haven't been pulled by then. Those of us with cyber grey orders will get an extra month or so however the prices may change for the worse after March 15 if we make changes since the current price won't be locked in. That info is coming from my dealer so I don't know how accurate it is..
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