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Originally Posted by jmart53 View Post
so Ofer's drill method will result in the trim piece being flush like normal against the dash and not sticking out the 2-3mm that the no-drill method has?

Also, waiting to see what this weather stripping business is and how that helps the light comes through... I'm guessing you're using the sticky side on the dash to hold the light tube correctly all the way across the dash and have equal light emitting because the tube is not uneven with the white reflector in it?

there are multiple version of this DIY and I'm trying to find a way to combine them all for the best result
The only way to really get the light to shine up through is to have it sticking out 2-3mm. People have been putting the weatherstrip, sticky side, on the actual ABL panel. All it is doing is holding up the tube so it doesn't fall down.
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