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Originally Posted by CamaroSSforme View Post
I was just in my ol' time machine and tossed her over to Saturday...can I complain now?
lol... I suppose so then? When you're done, I'd like to borrow that and go foward to the day my Camaro arrives... kthx

Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
Why are they waiting until Saturday to make an official announcement when Scott has already let the cat out of the bag officially? They've already decided not to have it so we are all voicing our opinions on the issue. We have the right to do it on this forum as it is not hurting anyone. The only possible "new" information we may get on Saturday is a better explanation as to "why?" abl simply didn't work on the dash. Wether or not a discounted price on the 2SS package will come into play, and or wether or not a full ambient lighting will appear or be worked on so it can be ready the next model year, which will be when the HUD and the color white will be available.
Saturday they will be showing the production version at the Cleveland Auto Show. Everyone can "oooooh", "ahhhhh", or "ewwww" at it and take pictures for us
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