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Originally Posted by Embalmer View Post
Yea, they got allocated 15 Camaros and already had 1 pulled for production. They also already sold all 15 of them which is probably why they didn't return your emails. Their brother dealerships, New Hudson and Jay have 14 allocated but only have 5 orders each, so they still have around 9 each for sale in this first round if anyone is interested.

One thing to note, the guy for some reason did NOT tell me that each of the three dealerships got 1 pulled for production - I actually had to dig it out of him. Probably because the 1 they pulled was supposed to be my car.....

At any rate.. I expect to be in the April production.... will wait and see.
I contacted them on October 14...I doubt they got orders for all 15 allocations on the first day.
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