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Originally Posted by GOLDDOG View Post
When I was at the Chicago Auto Show, a GM rep was there and I asked him about the ABL. He stated that it was only going to be in the doors. He also said that they were having heating issues with the lighting going across the dash. Overtime, seams started to split which compromised the whole look.
Not sure if there is any validity to this, but it was interesting.
LEDs are not heat producing like a light bulb, I bet the "Heat Issues" were when the sun comes in the windshield the heat would effect the operation of the LED's, maybe shortening the life of them considerably.. just look at the location they would be at close to the top edge of the dashboard where the heat would be most concentrated on the black material... Being an electronics technician at one time and knowing how heat can effect electronics, I can see that imay be the problem... there will still be a seam there no matter if there is ambient lighting there or not.

I think there is too much reading between the lins going on here.. just calm down people and take what they said at face value. all we know is for today that is how it stands. who knows what tomorrow may bring...
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