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Originally Posted by 1_2Many View Post
I agree, but the scariest part about the careful wording IMO was this:

"As a result an ambient lighting feature is now a standard condition with the start of production on all 2LT and 2SS models."

and this:

"This feature is not an orderable option, but will be included on all 2LT and 2SS models at the start of production."

Does this mean only the beginning run of cars will have this half-ass version of ABL??? Hmmmm.
I'm not sure I'd read too much into those bits. I think they were saying that it will be available from the start, not that it won't be put into the CTF cars being built. There's no way they put a feature like that into production cars without doing some test builds before hand. In fact, I would think that any cars that get sent to reviewers would have ABL in it's production form.
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