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Originally Posted by Skyman 08 View Post
LEDs are not heat producing like a light bulb, I bet the "Heat Issues" were when the sun comes in the windshield the heat would effect the operation of the LED's, maybe shortening the life of them considerably.. just look at the location they would be at close to the top edge of the dashboard where the heat would be most concentrated on the black material... Being an electronics technician at one time and knowing how heat can effect electronics, I can see that imay be the problem...
LEDs are some of the toughest things around, I doubt that 180 degree heat really is causing them any issues. Many the material (light piping etc) is having issues but then the doors would be affected as well. The temperature differential between the dash and the doors is not much. And the way the strip is, it's not directly facing the outside so the doors would have the same heat exposure.
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