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Originally Posted by Road_Warrior85 View Post
No I'm not a true race guy.... and I do now its all about consistency.
That was the whole point of my comment. Forgive me for lack of knowledge, but the way I looked at it, the Auto transmission from a street car is not set up the way an auto from a pro race car is. I would assume that the street car is much more timid and mild mannered than a race car, hence the reason it would be a handicap. As for the driving skill in a stick shift. That comment was all about the consistency you speak of. If you slip just a little on your shift, you lose because you arent as consistent. It is much harder to do the exact same thing each and every time when you have a human shifter, vice a computer controlled auto transmission.

I guess looking back, my comment was entirely too vague. I was looking at it from two DD style street cars, driven by average drivers. I was not factoring in the difference between that and race only cars driven by professional race drivers.

my apologies for assuming.
Great point. PQ's car has been tuned and that changes how the transmission shifts. I would assume his is not shifting like a stock car. My tuned A6 shifts much more aggressively than it did when stock.
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